Within each of us lives an inner Warrior. Warrior energy motivates us to endure, create boundaries, cut away that which does not serve, be fearless with the truth, take action, focus on a goal, commit to a task. According to Robert Moore* a true warrior is in service to a purpose greater than himself: to a transcendent cause. When there is no purpose or higher cause to fight for, the Warrior energy can crumple up and disappear, or turn brutish, finding enemies under every rock or flying into rage.

How does your Warrior energy show up?

We need this inner Warrior to be assertive with the sabotaging parts of ourselves, those inner demons that persistently tell us we are not enough, are unworthy, that make excuses or punish with criticism. Love and acceptance are a necessary part of our healing, but without the protection and assertive action of the Warrior, those old saboteurs will keep creeping back to ensure the old programme stays intact.

The inner Warrior says No. Not today. Get back.

Covid-19 has pushed many people to reflect deeply on what they truly value and where they want to put their energy. Inspired insights and visions can fall by the wayside as pressures come from every side. It is easy to slip back and lose the hard-won gifts. Staying focused, true and resolute is a job for the loyal and fearless Warrior within you.

Where in your life does the Warrior need to step up?

Think of one area in your life where you would like more focus, discipline, boundaries or clarity. Or an area where you feel victimised or helpless. See it as a picture below you.

Now imagine your Warrior in his or her fullness: wise, strong, clear, focused. I like to imagine a fierce and protective Lioness, when my people-pleaser self takes me off track. Let yours take whatever form it wishes. Notice where in your body this powerful and resolute energy sits, be aware of its emotional tone, and make it bigger. Anchor it. Then look at the situation from this perspective and sense what truths need to be heard. What actions need to be taken.

Build this, practice it, give this energy a job to do that keeps it in service to a transcendent cause, and not the whims of the small self.

If you could put your Inner Warrior to work in service to your highest Self, what might be possible for you?

(This article was originally published on LinkedIn)

Photo: Nik Shuliahin

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