Client stories

From Product to People

Culture & Teams

A thriving entrepreneurial business in the building sector wanted to balance their focus on output with attention to culture and people.

We worked with Clarity4D and an Organisational Systems approach to shift culture through improving awareness of self and others, building empathy, and improving leadership and communication skills.

The one-year programme included soft-skills training, team and individual coaching and leadership support.

Outcomes: significantly improved communication skills and flow, increased positivity, team cohesion and leadership growth –  including the creation of a senior tier.

Key success factor were a strong internal champion to ensure the changes were lived day-to-day, and the willingness of leadership to be the change.

From Good to Even Better

Culture & Teams

A newly constituted executive team in a high-profile financial services company was doing well, but with a new leader and some role shifts, knew they could be even better.

Typical of most Ops teams, they tackled the challenge of being a somewhat invisible service, while being the vital backbone of the enterprise. A key part of their team shift came from created their own Ops Team Purpose, and identifying their unique super powers and “rallying cry.”

Over a series of sessions, we worked with a colour-based psychometric to understand team members strengths and areas for development, build cohesion and have powerful conversations in a safe environment.

Outcomes: a powerful purpose, renewed confidence, clear mandate, personal growth, improved team cohesion, ability to harness team diversity, deeper trust and psychological safety.

The conversations we have around the colour-mat are some of the most powerfully transformative, safe and authentic moments in a team’s life.

Super Heroes of Service

Culture & Teams

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway had just defined their purpose and refreshed their values. They needed employees at all levels to engage with and live them.

Collaborating with Danielle Ehrlich we created a one-day experience for all  – from leaders to cleaners – that would connect service to Purpose in the most inspiring, meaningful and appreciation-filled way possible.

Outcome: Inspired employees who knew the purpose and values and how to activate them in their roles.

Putting Values to Work

Living Purpose & Values | 2018

A development finance SOE knew their values were tired and no longer relevant. They needed a partner to help refresh them, and create an ethics code to live by.

We listened to employees and leaders, and co-created powerful values that could be used in navigating challenges, guide ethics and change culture.  The process included everyone, but focused on leaders and building values-based leadership. The Values Meta-Wheel inspired fresh thinking around challenges and opportunities, and put values to work.

Outcome: refreshed, relevant, updated and visually represented values, a deeper understanding of the work required to live them and a roadmap to get there.

Every Shoe tells a Story

Brand Positioning | 2020

A dynamic and purpose-driven entrepreneurial business had re-invented a South African die-hard: the beloved Veldskoen. 

 This business had taken the well-loved, South African shoe – the Veldskoen – and through some stylish reinvention managed to put it on some quite famous international feet. They had many stories from their fans, but had not consolidated their brand. In collaboration with TDC&Co, we helped them to uncover their stories and tell them in a compelling and aligned way. 

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