I believe that we have all the resources we need already within us, we are already whole, resourceful and complete. Self Leadership naturally happens when we reconnect with our True Self. The sovereign part of us that is courageous, curious, confident, compassionate, calm, creative and connected. Most often the work is simply about removing the obstacles to reconnecting with the wisdom and clarity that already exists within us – as an individual or group.

My super power is to help people think well together, and access their most resourceful selves. One of our key human needs is to feel that we belong, we are welcome and can bring ALL of who we are to our work and life. As a systems worker, my invitation is that all of YOU is welcome. And that in a team, working with our diversity means everyone and every voice matters.


 The theme of change tracks through my life and career. From a childhood of constant change to a varied career that spans visual communication and participatory processes for social change, to working with brands and customer and employee insights; the golden thread is navigating change as consciously as possible. Over 10 years ago the call to work more deeply with transformation through organisational change, coaching and therapy could not be ignored. I underwent intensive training in NLP, Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching, Applied Jungian Studies, Theory U and a variety of facilitation processes to make that dream a solid reality. 

I’m deeply inspired by the work of Carl G. Jung, Otto Scharmer, Richard Shwartz, Joseph Campbell and Robert Bly. Originally trained in Art, I keep my inner-creative happy by adding images and creativity to processes and dabbling in painting and mosaïcing on weekends.


With over 25 years’ experience, I thrive when working with small to medium sized enterprises and organisations that sincerely wish to engage with each other and the world in a more conscious way. A happy collaborator, I often team up with other talented people to offer the best to our clients.


  • BA in Fine Arts; Honours in Cultural & Media studies (cum laude).
  • Master NLP and HNLP coach and Ericksonian Hypnosis practitioner
  • Theory U and Leading from the Emerging Future
  • Purposeful Teams, World Café and Applied Improv
  • Organisational and Relationships Systems Coach (ORSC)
  • Clarity4D Psychometric business partner
  • Authentic Self-Empowerment facilitator
  • Colour Mirrors practitioner

Tracy is a brilliant mind and a very intuitive individual. I worked with Tracy on our personal development programme and found her to be a fantastic collaborator and facilitator for deep & meaningful change. Her ability to listen through the noise and push into the harder topics with making our teams feel safe was exactly what we needed. I look forward to working with Tracy again and can highly recommend her.

Joshua Roode, Head of HR & Marketing, The Pole Yard 2020

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