Culture & Teams

Creating workplaces where people and business thrive

We invest so much of our energy into our work. It should be a place where we can thrive. The benefits of being part of an aligned, collaborative, focused and positive team and culture are measurable. It just makes good business sense.  

Define and Align Purpose & Values

Authentic and inspiring Purpose and Values set direction for culture, marketing and strategy. Collaboration and inclusivity are essential for authentic buy-in. Together we create mechanisms to sustain the shifts that allow purpose and values to be lived, breathed and felt.

The greatest impact for me was aligning on a common vision and purpose in an extremely collaborative manner. The exposure to the issues and challenges each other face has fostered a more supportive approach which has alleviated the pressures. The results are tangible. The shifts are visible and improving daily.

~ Woolworths Financial Services COO team

Culture change

  • Define and live authentic Purpose & Values
  • Culture evolution or turn-around.

We spend so much of our time and life-force at work, it should be somewhere we want to be. Whether turn-around, evolution or tune-up, all cultures evolve. I support you to bridge the gap between “what is” and “what can be” in a conscious way. Authentic Purpose and Values guide the way. They reflect what you believe and choose. Living them takes them from talk to actions and requires mechanisms with teeth. I help you define, align and live your culture in a real and participatory way.

All I can say is a HUGE thank you. The importance of your work has had a profound effect on the culture and inner working cogs of our business. When we see what we have accomplished, I truly appreciate what all we have achieved. What we learnt in this year has prepared us for the next, critical phase in our business. THANK YOU!”

Leeroy Deane, Director, The Pole Yard

Healthy & Effective Teams

    • Team effectiveness and cohesion
    • Improved communication skills
    • Team coaching & super-teams

    Some of our most powerful work moments come from how we interact as teams. Are these powerfully positive or negative? Teams that work well together, manage to balance challenge and flow, relationships and results. They create psychological safety and are able to engage with conflict as an Ally. I help teams build their happiness and effectiveness “muscles”, work constructively with conflict and pressure, improve communication, harness diversity and focus on purpose and results. I use Clarity4D as a simple to understand, cost-effective psychometric designed to facilitate powerful insights and conversations.

    There are not enough words to describe the gratitude towards what you have shown, taught and enabled me with, through your workshops and coaching. You have given me tools that I have and still am actively using. Relationships have been saved, breakthroughs have been made and courage has been attained and it’s because of you Tracy. You are absolutely brilliant at what you do and I would recommend anyone and everyone who is in need of your services.

    ~ Wardah Safi, PJC Consulting

    Personal Growth & EQ Skills 

    • Understand and navigate change
    • Improve communication and leadership skills
    • Build EQ, SQ, Relationship and Systems Intelligence
    • Improve awareness of self, strengths, potential and growth

    The quality of our relationships with those we work with, has a direct impact on the quality of our performance. Soft skills training builds self-awareness, empathy for others, and skills in navigating the complexities of relationships. 

    The superpower session that Tracy facilitated for IDM was unbelievably well received. Our people felt empowered, uplifted, energised, motivated and appreciated. Just one hour packed a massive punch and the impact can be seen and felt in how people responded.

    Samara Basson, Head of People & Innovation, Intelligent Debt Management (IDM)


    Your role in the world has impact

    Your role in the world has impact

    Stories throughout our history point to truths about our impact on the world. Self-interest leads to hubris, monsters and the downfall of Empires. Stepping into a higher purpose leads to success and glory. This article provides tips for exploring authentic purpose

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