Thinking well together is an art.

Whether crafting vision, purpose or strategy, or simply solving problems together, I guide people to think and create well together. Drawing on principles of the Thinking Environment, Theory U and The Hero’s Journey, processes are designed to get best outcomes in the most enjoyable way possible.

strategy | problem-solving & brainstorming | brand positioning 

Alignment, Strategy and Process Facilitation

From strategy to team alignment, sometimes you need a skilled facilitator to guide the process. I use Theory U and Story Strategy for Change to ensure the process has depth and culminates in tangible outputs and actions.

I was amazed at the extremely insightful and flexible way in which you facilitated a sometimes difficult process. You were very responsive to the needs of the group and showed great understanding of all our apprehensions and uncertainties, yet managed to gently and purposefully keep us on track, make sure that all voices were heard and all contributions valued.  I came away feeling very inspired, and that we are definitely on the right track.

~ Christine Waldie, Lesedi

Brand positioning

As an experienced “brand whisperer” with over 20 years’ experience, I am skilled at helping you to access and articulate what is at the heart of your brand. I facilitate creative positioning sessions for brand teams to help them create aligned, authentic and meaningful brands. This includes identifying purpose, principles, personality, difference, archetype and essence. From large corporate to start-up, I use a creative approach that gets participants out of “board-room” mode and into a space of collaboration, creativity and clarity. As a team systems coach, I am also able to bring my facilitation skills to help brand teams align to a common vision and commitment. With everyone on board, it makes application strategic rather than reactive or “loudest voice wins”.

It was exciting to be part of the process you ran … it certainly feels like we needed this to cement our new vision, not just to pull head office teams together around a common brand purpose but also to align to stores.  So I believe it was a very meaningful day for all and thank you for your sensitive and wise facilitation. ~ Shani Naidoo, MD @home

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