Personal Transformation

You are so much more than you think you are.

Our work is to remember who we really are, amidst the complexity of being human. This, our True Self, is often hidden beneath layers of fears, old patterns and defence mechanisms.  I work with aware individuals who want to connect to their own wisdom and resourcefulness. 

I combine therapeutic modalities such as colour, NLP, Applied Jung, inner and archetypal journeys with coaching skills to support you to make the changes that allow the fullest expression of your Self in the world.

Transpersonal Coaching 

Transpersonal means “beyond the person”. Within us is a True Self that, when we can access, provides the energy, inspiration and inner YES to live with vitality and authenticity. People committed to their personal and spiritual growth thrive with this approach.

People typically come to me for coaching for:

  • Greater self-knowledge, self-expression and self-belief.
  • Moving out of chaos or stuck-ness into clarity, purpose, action.
  • Transforming limiting beliefs, triggers, old wounds and shadow.
  • Anxiety, depression, lack of purpose.
  • Decision-making and navigating change.
  • Leading self, leading others.
  • Living into a powerful and authentic future self.

Coaching sessions are held in person or on Zoom. Contact me to book.

Over the course of several session, Tracy led me down a road that had seemed somewhat impassable. She did it with playfulness, grace and a great amount of skill and sensitivity. Thanks a mil, coach! ~ Paul K

Colour Therapy

Colour Mirrors is a beautiful and intuitive system that uses the healing frequencies of colour to help us heal and transform.

Colour is a quality of light. It can be thought of as a stream of tiny energy packets radiated at different frequencies, which have different types of energy associated with them. Through the Colour Mirrors system the vibrations of colour can be accessed through bottles of coloured oil and water. Each bottle and colour has a meaning and offers insights into areas of our lives where we feel blocked would like to increase our potential for a more abundant and joyful life.  Colour Mirrors, founded in South Africa in 2001, is a global system used by complementary health and professional therapists for personal and spiritual transformation.

  • Colour Mirrors Reading (60 minutes)
  • Colour Mirrors Archetypal Wheel Reading (90 minutes)

The Oils and Spritzers are available to purchase as they help with deeper integration.

Contact me to book.

Click here to see the full range of Colour Mirrors Oils and their meanings.


The wisdom of Tracy’s colours plus her wonderful way of guidance helped me connect more and more with my intuition and allow myself to follow it. Tracy has a truly valuable presence and feeling for what is needed in each moment, which made it so easy to trust her. She picks up on the subtle but important things that are not spoken/beyond the words. Thank you Tracy, for your wisdom that helped me to reconnect with mine.

Stephanie Schwarz

Green Lion Work

    This is an evolving space for deep, transformational work in groups – either in-person or online workshops and programmes.  As with all my work it is an opportunity to explore and connect with the True Self. Examples of programmes:

    • Explore and awaken the energy of Archetypes in your life
    • Change limiting beliefs to empowering ones.
    • Shadow & Light work: Transform inner demons into powerful allies

    Contact me to find out more.

    Why Green Lion Work?

      A green lion consuming the sun is a common alchemical image. It is a metaphor for alchemical vitriol purifying matter, leaving behind gold. I use this term to indicate that our work is that of removing the blocks and residues that keep us from the gold that is already within us.

        Tracy is an alchemist of soul! Working with her has been truly life changing, helping me change old stuck patterns from deep within into fertile expression and self-actualization. I am immensely grateful for her compassion, clarity, inspiration, commitment to process, illuminating humour and conscious rebellion, helping me to live in my full wild knowing and bliss.

        ~ Kate Muller – Animal communicator 

        How I work

        I work with Humanistic Neuro-Linguistics, Open Awareness, Relationship systems coaching and a deep respect for the healing intelligence of the client’s psyche, to create significant shifts. If appropriate, Colour therapy and the power of archetypal energies can further support the process.  As change happens over time, most people benefit from at least 6-8 sessions. This allows you to get the most from the coaching relationship and to see significant shifts. Sessions are typically 60 minutes long and can take place over Zoom, phone or in person in Noordhoek, Cape Town.

        Contact me to book.



        The Warrior Within

        The Warrior Within

        Within each of us lives an inner Warrior. Warrior energy motivates us to endure, create boundaries, cut away that which does not serve, be fearless with the truth, take action, focus on a goal, commit to a task. How does your Warrior show up?

        Who is running this Circus?

        Who is running this Circus?

        Sybil learned at a young age that to be noticed by her busy parents, she needed to produce and perform. Get good grades, help out around the home, win prizes and competitions, make things. The better she did, the more attention she received. The subconscious lesson was that her value lay in what she did not in who she was.

        Shadow Presencing

        Shadow Presencing

        What might be possible if we applied all the skills we use in successful human interactions to the inner ghosts and demons of our psyche. To the Inner Critic. To Bottled Rage or Anxiety Monster? What if we were to invite them into our presence. Sit down with them and really listen to all they have to say. Nurture them. Give them cookies and milk.

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