The Archetypes of Feminine Wholeness

Welcome on a journey of exploration into 4 of the archetypes of the Inner Feminine.

Archetypal energies are the subconscious structures and patterns of all human experience. We can draw on them consciously and respectfully, as allies along our path, as guides on our journey back to Self.

You will experience:

  • An introduction to the 4 quadrants of the archetypal wheel.
  • Journey to meet the archetypes of your inner world.
  • Experience the archetypes in constellation.
  • Receive the gifts and lessons from the archetypal energies.
  • Make the gifts practical to come into greater wholeness.

WHERE: The Center, Noordhoek

WHEN: Saturday 9 October 10:00am – 13.00pm

COST: R300, excl.refreshments

BOOKINGS: Click here to email Tracy to find out more and book


Journey of Joy: Dance with the frequencies of Colour and Sound

A nourishing journey into joy that brings together the magical threads of Colour Mirrors, Conscious Dance and immersive Sound Journey. Tracy will be weaving the spiritual and healing potency of Colour in collaboration with Janine’s dance magic, and Gelda and Tarryn O’s powerfully immersive sound journeys.

WHEN: 23rd October 2021

WHERE: The Studio at Eat. Surf. Yoga



The Joy of Colour

The Flower Cafe, Woodstock, Cape Town,
Saturday 18th September

In this session we worked with the beautiful and powerful Colour Mirrors system to help you tap into your inner wisdom and healing so that you can experience more joy, groundedness, peace and delight in your life!

  • We learnt how to work with the meanings in colours.
  • Experienced a guided visualisation colour journey.
  • Created an anchor for a powerful & positive emotion.


The Warrior Within

The Warrior Within

Within each of us lives an inner Warrior. Warrior energy motivates us to endure, create boundaries, cut away that which does not serve, be fearless with the truth, take action, focus on a goal, commit to a task. How does your Warrior show up?

Who is running this Circus?

Who is running this Circus?

Sybil learned at a young age that to be noticed by her busy parents, she needed to produce and perform. Get good grades, help out around the home, win prizes and competitions, make things. The better she did, the more attention she received. The subconscious lesson was that her value lay in what she did not in who she was.

Shadow Presencing

Shadow Presencing

What might be possible if we applied all the skills we use in successful human interactions to the inner ghosts and demons of our psyche. To the Inner Critic. To Bottled Rage or Anxiety Monster? What if we were to invite them into our presence. Sit down with them and really listen to all they have to say. Nurture them. Give them cookies and milk.

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